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yo, i'm new

Hey I was in this community before with my old usename[vintage_merlot]so I decided that i wanted to try and join again cause I liked this community:]

Name: Lindsey

Location: my house in burke, VA
Birthday: 7/3/91
Sexual Orientation: [i know what this means] i'm not quite sure
Boy/Girlfriend? neither:\
Have you ever been in love? yup even though i'm young it was true love
What is your one physical feature and/or personality trait you like most about yourself? well for physical i like my eyes and my nose(as weird as that sounds) and personality trait all my friends tell me that i'm fun to be around
What is the one thing you hate about yourself? my braces>:[
What is the dorkiest thing you have ever done? WHOA. waay to much stuff. i'd say everything i do.
Most embarrassing thing about yourelf? i try not to get ambarrassed
Where did you hear about this community? i found it a long time ago
Promote our community in another and give proof: i'm kinda in a hurry but i promise i will

Top 5 Movies
: edward scissorhands, donnie darko, wet hot american summer, rocky horror and big fish
Top 3 Books: the anorexia diaries, the doll people and stargirl
Top 10 Bands: system of a down, misfits, hot hot heat, afi, red hot chili peppers,foo fighters, no doubt, the white stripes, saves the day, a perfect circle
"There's more to laugh about than to cry about"- Joel  Baillie

::Word Association::
Love: heartbreak
Loser: moi
Blood: crying
Tears: rain

::Do You::
Have any piercings? If so where? two wholes in each ear
Tattoos? If so where? none yet
Drink? mhm but not as much anymore
Smoke? mhm.
Fight? verbally but i've never been in a fist fight

whenever you're ready too. i have absoulutly nothing against it.
gay marrage: I LOVE GAYS AND LESBIAN. I'm most def. for it
cutting: oi. well i used to, but there are so any more ways to let out pain
abortion: pro-choice
straight edge...sxe: sure!

no more than 6

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