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new meat//application

Name: Heather
Location: Aurora, Illinois
Birthday: March 20th 1990
Sexual Orientation: i like boys.
Boy/Girlfriend? Singl-ish
Have you ever been in love? no, i don't take boys that seriously yet, i'm still young, i prefer a boyfriend thats really just a friend that i can hold the hand of over a lover
What is your one physical feature and/or personality trait you like most about yourself? well i have some huge arm muscles :) and i like that i can usually see through people pretty well, like i understand people and why they do certain things, psychology-ish stuff
What is the one thing you hate about yourself? I judge popular people too easily, i assume that they're all bitchy girls and asshole guys, but some of them really are nice, just too high-strung, plus i hate how i care too much about what people think about me, like i run track and i'm always afraid people are going to watch me run and think i suck at it, even tho i try so hard...
What is the dorkiest thing you have ever done? hahaha, like a year ago my friends and i had a sleepover and we all got dressed up in these ridiculous like elf suits and stuff and had a 'wedding' which we of course video-taped, i think that was just about the most fun i've had in my life. i wonder where that tape is...
Most embarrassing thing about yourself? i hate shaving my armpits :) (i do tho, lol)
Where did you hear about this community? saw it in someones userinfo... i dont remember who, but i loved the name lol
Promote our community in another and give proof:

Top 5 Movies: Sixteen Candles, Napoleon Dynamite, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, A Walk To Remember, Finding Neverland, in that order
Top 3 Books: only 3?! uhh, The Body Of Christopher Creed, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Speak probably
Top 10 Bands: In alphabetical order, lol: 15 Minutes Late, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Hawthorne Heights, The Killers, Matchbook Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, Saliva, Something Corporate
Quote: "Embrace the total dork in yourself and enjoy it, because life is too short to be cool"

::Word Association::
Love: bug!
Loser: rainbow suspenders! my best friend has a pair of those
Blood: gross, blood makes me nauseas
Tears: of joy

::Do You::
Have any piercings? If so where? just both ears, i wanna get my cartilage done on one ear but i can't get up the nerve
Tattoos? If so where? i used to have a temperary tatoo of a tennis racket on my shoulder but it washed off like... a long time ago lol
Drink? no, when your 14, drinking is a stupid thing to do
Smoke? see above!
Fight? argue? yes. debate? all the time, fight? no.

sex: not until after marriage, i dont like taking a risk that could change my entire life, i'm scared of change, which makes me scared of risks like that.
gay marriage: everyone should be able to express their love, even if their love is against the grain of society, actually, if it's against the grain of society and they have the courage to express it, all the more power to them. (p.s. the whole law thing agains gay marriage is ridiculous, the argument is mainly based on something religious (that god says marriage is between man and woman) but yet this is the religion that has priests disobeying it's own commandments, not even to mention the fact that this is a matter of law, religion should never be brought into the law, especially in a country that promotes free choice of religion!)
cutting: i think cutting is taking something like depression too far, but don't quote me on that, i have a hard time coming up with an opinion on the whole cutting issue because i have a hard time putting myself, someone perfectly happy, into the shoes of someone depressed enough to think of doing that.
abortion: abortion because of a stupid mistake that a girl made is unacceptable to me, if you CHOSE to have sex, then you put yourself into a position where a pregnancy is possible, and you should know that before you have sex, plus, there is always the option of putting your child up for adoption if you REALLY don't have the money or whatever to support the child. Therefore i'm against it in MOST circumstances, if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, i don't have a problem with abortion, simply because when that woman has the baby that was created when she was raped, that child will remind her of that raping everytime she sees them.
straight edge...sxe: am i too naive if i say i don't know what that is?


my best friends and i before a band concert... my friend dan took it on his cell phone, he totally missed our gangsta hands, but whatever

hot times a thousand

cornrows are ghetto-fab love

my date and i before my turnabout dance like 2 weeks ago

that isn't me, it's my friend lauren, but i love this picture :) we walked to jewel at like 10 at night with feather boa's and wings, so she was flying down the aisles.
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